As the head of the presidential elections at a polling station explosion Afghans leaves 15 wounded

Kabul: The Taliban, Afghanistan's presidential election Saturday, voters across the country in a series of lawsuits, said the voice at the beginning of the elections, and soldiers in the streets of the capital was flooded.

Ghani, President of the vote as a two-horse race between a bloody election campaign and his main rival Abdullah Abdullah, marks the completion of the country's chief executive.

In recent days, warning again and again, during the two-month campaign of bombings, the Taliban unleashed a string, and they intend to attack polling centers.

At least 15 people two hours after the start of the vote went to a polling station, a bomb in the southern city of Kandahar wounded, hospital director of the AFP and sites across the country, officials said several small explosions.

"Peace is not our desire to be the first of our people," Ghani in Kabul high school, said after casting his vote hh

"We are ready for the road map (peace), and we want to allow us to pursue peace and legitimacy."

Flooding the streets with soldiers on guard, partially heat melted under the bomber was deployed in Kabul and the electoral process would be forbidden to enter the city, in an attempt to halt transport.

A Kabul high school, and that it is important to vote at the polling station a voter.

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