economist and doctor to the president of Afghanistan:

economist and doctor to the president of Afghanistan:

Kabul: A former World Bank economist, an ophthalmologist, the intelligence chief and once head of elections in Afghanistan this Saturday, as well as among the 15 who are vying for presidential candidates.

Eighteen candidates could serve up to three years, and also appear in the Official Gazette, saying there is enough time to change the ballots.

the country will be able to vote because of Taliban threat polls following the campaign and a big bar has been a little in the way of a mess.

Here is a basic overview of the candidates:


President Ghani variety of long-term and short-term believers, was described as an academic and demand.

Former World Bank economist and finance minister says that the dreams of Afghanistan's long reconstruction, he believes, are one of a few people - perhaps just one - the opportunity to take the lead.

Despite a lack of credible opinion polls carried out by the Taliban, or even deep-rooted corruption, not opposed, but it is considered the general favorite.

But Ghani is trying again with the Taliban for peace talks with the Americans, but they are fighters who now sidelined him, but the US-controlled "puppet" and continue to reject him.

If elected, the presidential mandate of the peace process led by Afghanistan may be with the Taliban - they should never have agreed to such negotiations.

Ghani, unable to speak, and, if necessary, to fight against the militants, "from generation to generation", promised earlier.

the doctor

Ophthalmologist and former fighter, Abdullah Abdullah, had won the two previous elections, the Afghan president to decide, two more accusations of fraud.

Abdullah, an eye doctor in Kabul, the 1992-1996 civil war in Afghanistan, was a member of the Burhanuddin Rabbani government, but he made a name for himself in English and abroad.

His formative political experience was as Ahmad Shah Massoud's right-hand man - and the 1996-2001 Taliban regime in 1980 to protest the USSR's invasion, the famous Tajik commander only with Al Qaeda, two days before 9 / 11.

In 2014, Abdullah and Ghani ran and won, claiming to be.

a full conflict prevention, then-US Secretary of State John Kerry is the general manager of the power-sharing agreement between Abdullah.

Ghani, Abdullah became the endless propensity of war, with the changes and legislative efforts on primary prevention and management related to the bitter fight, the two deep enmities with the people.

Finally, if elected, Abdullah made peace with vague promises to improve the economy, and promised in the first place.

butcher of Kabul

Karzai of Afghanistan in the crux of the war-making career. Afghanistan's bloody history, often considered one of the most notorious warlords, as well as anti-Soviet, Prime Minister's head, but now he has become a presidential candidate.

He is accused of being killed in the civil war of 1992-1996, earning thousands and capital for his violent attacks, "butcher of Kabul", nicknamed.

Following the 2001 US leadership in Afghanistan, Washington accused it of cooperating with al-Qaeda and Taliban militants, calling it a terrorist.

In 2017, the Hekmatyar political was surprised here, the Hezb-i-Islami activities in line with the peace agreement between the militant group and Ghani.

If elected, Hekmatyar in Afghanistan is once and for all, who promises to control the withdrawal of all foreign troops.

The brother of a lion

Ahmad Wali Massoud, his famous older brother worked closely with Ahmad Shah Massoud, Abdullah, also known as "The Lion" Bakaldina hopes for money, fame.

The ambassador to Afghanistan in the UK and other Massoud had little political experience, his work in the name of reason, above all, his brother's keeper has been made in the last two years.

But since 2001, the government and the role of Russia, which widened its own region of the Tajik ethnic group in Kyrgyzstan, remains popular, especially among power brokers.

However, Masood is said to have less access to good and gives hope for the future government.


The head of the 12 candidates, former communists and intelligence, including some shadows.

Rahmatullah Nabil time for security detection, after serving as head of the Afghan intelligence service, hopes to woo voters.

Former Communist Party member Nur ul-Haq Ulumi - who also briefly worked as Interior Minister in 2015 - is making waves in the race, but shorter.

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