Inn on the slave Zia Mohyeddin Pakistan Jinnah Society honored with medal

LONDON: Zia Mohyeddin, aesthetic and artistic Dwight awarded the medal Jinnah, Pakistan - Pakistan opening Studies in recognition of his services to the Company changed its 66th anniversary dinner here.

In this regard, Pakistan Pakistan Company Mohyeddin well-known artist and intellectual, and was recognized as an aesthetic and artistic Dwight said. artist with leading experts participating in the British-Pakistani servant Inn on Wednesday evening in a glittering state dinner.

Founded in 1951 and based in London, Britain, Pakistan Society of state education, art, history, territory, economic life and its institutions. Among its readers Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II and President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi.

Pakistan President congratulated on his appointment as a promoter for the company, Alvi said: "I was taken by the Pakistani society and its members would like to appreciate the work of praise."

Pakistan is a significant development in the UK Terming, the president added: "He is a partner to further strengthen the existing excellent bilateral relations in various fields, and is a long-term partnership.

"I was near the Pakistan Society, even confident that we will continue to play its role in bringing the two countries," he said.

UK High Commissioner of Pakistan, Mohammad Nafees Zakaria, Pakistan praised the strength of the company and institutional capacity. He said: "This success is rich in art, culture, and the British Society of Pakistan through literary heritage, and has endeavored to enhance and promote China ties.

"I need to build stronger relations and communications possible, and the two countries have a mutual benefit in various fields, including the scope of our time, I think I will be."

the event as the guest of honor, former top diplomat Sir Nicholas Barrington, said: "In a sense, the world is sad, can not escape from the kitchen, Britain and Pakistan. What hope is there for the future?

"Our close ties of brotherhood between our peoples, and we need to."

On the other hand, the chairman of the Pakistan Society of Sir William Blackburne said: "This year's dinner, Pakistan and the United Kingdom, there is a lot of problems at the same time. It is unknown to Pakistan and Great Britain, despite the depth of our relationship and cooperation based on the solid foundation of mutual also remains.

"It's always changing, and one of the constants of Pakistan Society of the Rhine, while its 68-year existence."

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