Mahmoud CP-effective health care services for the needs of the health sector reforms

Monday: Chief Minister Bahi Series Mahmood Khan's health sector reforms has been elected to serve the citizens of the state, adding that the region, citizens provide for the effective and timely health care services necessary to ensure that.

And on Friday, but state Mattani Degree College Koch-e-addressing a public gathering after the inauguration of Damin.

Head of the Minister, the Government may not work to serve the selfish interests of civil servants, government officials said that will allow me to work on their own.

He threw region, far from the areas of a single provision of health care services for the provincial government Provincial Assembly Chair and DHA Acts continued to be held.

This Government Degree College Koch-e-Damin RS Estimated cost, and completed two years later, where appropriate. There are over 340 million six laborites and currently 370 students education.

Chief Minister Ali Imran Khan said that the United Nations is struggling with a way of Kashmiris.

Because of the forerunners of their leaders in Pakistan's recent history, no such procedure has raised their voice for Kashmiris and the whole Muslim community claims supports the attitude of the prime minister added that Imran Khan said.

This time, the chief minister of the Board, as well as the Koh-e-Damin Union has announced that it will continue to remain tehsil.

He also Wuch irrigation department to complete the construction works, along with guidance on Mattani Koch-e-Damin more than 400 mosques in the territory of solarization (dried) announced on priority basis.

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