PM Imran manuscripts of the UN Secretary-General on the situation of Kashmir

NEW YORK: New York Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday met with UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, and the Kashmir dispute on the state of the UN, praised for its accurate sex.

PM Imran met with Guterres on human rights and humanitarian situation in Kashmir, India reiterated its deep concerns.

Guterres confirmed he would remain engaged on the issue and conveyed its offer to contribute to a peaceful solution.

To open discussion about the situation in the Kashmir dispute on the UN secretary-general praise, head of government bond among Blackout eight million Kashmiris over the 54-day-long siege, he said. Such a lock-down was like nothing in recent history, and can not emphasize enough the need to remove as soon as possible.

5 of the prime minister of India reiterated its illegal and unilateral action in Pakistan, this was a violation of UN Security Council decisions transparent.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, a comprehensive documented human rights abuses in Kashmir with India PM Imran intensified efforts in recent human rights violations in India, stressed the representative of a new chapter.

The head of the government to take measures as soon as possible in order to save lives and to address the long-standing Kashmir dispute, the UN and the international community the responsibility for the safety of India's illegal and irresponsible actions, and highlighted the threat to regional peace and security.

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