Rally Argentina Evitas, flash mobs and get creative with fruit

Rally Argentina Evitas, flash mobs and get creative with fruit

Buenos Aires: Eva Peron-clad women, the old political folk songs of the streets, sketch-mob step-perfect choreography of Buenos Aires, are part of all current cuts and policies.

the crisis-ridden Argentine protesters President Mauricio Macri my face against the election on October 27 election campaign has opened new and creative ways for the last month.

"Evitas" city at the last protest, which is the hallmark of the actress-turned first lady era of the 1930s Pastel clothing and hair with naabaykanası hundreds.

The protesters, young and old, are still in the Peronist movement, a protest anthem icon dancing up to the rhythm of Argentina's politics.

"We will never betray the great Argentina, Peronism is with Cristina," a protest to support the two-time former president Cristina Kirchner women as soon as possible.

"Peronist girls won the election, don't worry, we'll fight, and I know. Eva Peron! Eva Peron!"

Kirchner, 66, 27, won the election with a clear favorite Alberto Fernandez, running for vice president.

Juan Peron, Argentine captain upgrades the structure of a class and the mid-40s, medium, which lasted 70 years, supported the three-term loan to loan Kyrgyzstan.

Peron's glamorous second wife, Eva, and until his death in 1952, she worked with a group of foreign help.

Kirchner, Eva Peron, known as Evita, and the public have admired him as a measure of justice for the mystery of the fervor for a long battle.

The purchasing power of the average worker Macri and unemployment has risen more than 10 percent of the debt is often slashed in the election campaign.

In 2018, Argentina fell for the first time since the economic crisis due to the size of the poverty level and the increase.

Many of the protests that Macri Tusa's slender dance titles live on, Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, who lived on the outside, free fruit given to the contestants, are held.

"We have in this election, and artistic slope is heavily involved in the work to do," said teacher Maria Teresa Garcia Bravo: 45, one of the dance Evitas.

In a free-market friendly Macri, which was looking for elections in October, Fernandez, said 15 points adrift of August with the main color of the politically abusive victim.

They have become the norm - marches, gatherings and pickets every day prevent and activity and traffic confidence, not only in Buenos Aires, but have become a regional center.

Writing music and dancing with the upcoming election protests have helped galvanize the opposition.

An anti-Macri song "Sivosqueres" (if you have one) with the help of protesters demonstrated steps Youtube demonstration of thousands of people dancing in the streets of Buenos Aires and was chased away.

"I am no longer able to pay the rent," Macri's campaign against members of the group came together to help drive through the Sudor Marika song.

music, protests in mobile sketches in recent years, a tactic used to interrupt the top of the host cities, is now being used to live, which is part of the election campaign in Argentina.

"A Fruit Growers Federation of Plaza de Mayo in recent protests, along with pears and apples 20000 kg.

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