Sindh government, the World Bank, and cooperation in the field of solid waste management

Sindh government, the World Bank, and cooperation in the field of solid waste management

Karachi: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and World Bank Country Director for Pakistan Sindh, Patchamuthu Illangovan, Solid Waste Management Authority (SSWMA) have agreed to work together to be effective, the Chief Minister House said in a statement Friday was issued.

This decision - to improve the rural economy, with the house embracing a modification of civilization, CM Shah was adopted during a meeting between Illangovan. Like Naheed Shah, Sindh, Planning and Development (P&D), Chairman of the Board and the Secretary General and Chief Minister (PSCM) Sajid Jamal ABRO.

Talk about SSWMA, the high capacity of this new body and, if needed, to work with the best scientific and efficiency.

The president of the World Bank said he would send him a regional solid waste management expert.

Only with the help of the P&D, a detailed plan for solid waste management and management, and increase the opportunities for them to improve the efficiency of their own, as well as a self-fulfilling organization designed to help , Illangovan added.

In the first stage, it will be the district headquarters, and later divorced, and she will come.

Regional growers and farmers of Shah, the traditional high delta, which deals with low yield agriculture. "I deltaic plants that can be grown with high yield and cropping to introduce fundamental changes to improve the economy," he added.

CM separate cropping system, as well as small and growing need to develop proposals for the ministry said. "We are in the garden, Carla and cash crops in the hands of their need to increase their income," he said.

Illangovan Karachi brought global agricultural experts with him, and they need to prepare a plan for the implementation stage.

As far as that is concerned, the Shah, the provincial government, said, including the various areas of maternal and child health and nutrition programs that they operate. This has led to positive results, he added.

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