Spider-Man Marvel Cinematic Universe to stay

Spider-Man Marvel Cinematic Universe to stay

Spider-Man can wipe the big screen again.

Sony Pictures and Marvel negotiations between the distribution of Web slinger and its celluloid implied the future, but for transportation, two British actor Tom Holland for Spidey film production for Marvel Studios announced Friday an agreement.

- Spider-Man movie on the following: Homecoming, and Spider-Man: Far is set for release on July 16, 2021, the studios said.

Marvel Studios President: Kevin Feige, producer of his special role will be discussed.

"I Spidey allows MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), I'm very happy and Marvel Studios are very excited that we're all working on it," Feige said in a statement.

"Spider-Man icon and hero story and audience of all ages around the world.

"Sony works in its Spidey verse, and you never know what the future may hold surprises, as well as cinematic worlds, only with the power to be a hero."

Marvel Studios is owned by Sony and Disney, for funding a new contract reached in the summer an inconvenience - Dutch teenage weapon made for fans of pain and pain.

The nature of the part of the contract, and will appear in future Marvel Studios movie.

Holland Instagram, a clip on the adapter with a smiley face on Wall Street since the character of Leonardo DiCaprio, who says, "the show isn't gone? M (...).".

Holland led the first two films produced by Amy Pascal, as well as for making a new film role.

"Where is the story of Peter Parker and his 'too late', the moonlight, the turning point, and I can't be glad we're all working together," Pascal said.

Marvel Cinematic Universe filmmakers of the world, along with nearly $ 23 billion in transpiration, but the Dutch Spider-Man movie name in the history of a highly lucrative and increasingly became a central figure.

But Spider-Man movies based on the realm of Marvel Comics, has been one of the stars for decades, but it has the right Sony character movie.

He Giants Hollywood movies are almost unusual, and very secret, 2015, due to the double harvest and income only after being in a contract with a beautiful movie.

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