Still, India Moon Lander and, without a trace: NASA

Still, India Moon Lander and, without a trace: NASA

FS: Moon orbiting NASA satellite India Vikram landing site should have been adopted by early this month, but did not see Lander, the US spacecraft agency said.

NASA Vikram's location on September 17 in his contribution of Lunar Exploration (LRO), about 370 miles (600 km) south of the Moon on the plains, was announced after his release of a photo was taken.

"So far, the Lander team couldn't find a picture," NASA said.

"This was reflected in the landing area after sunset, then covered a huge amount of shade in many places. It is to say that it is hidden in the shadows of a frame that Vikram LRO will return to the site in October," added that the space agency, the light is better.

Bursting into explosions in July, the Asian giant's Chandrayan-2 mission ("Moon Car 2"), the United States, Russia and China, a regional rival, develop to the successful lunar landing as the fourth country with the hope and the first months of the south pole.

Remains the most important spacecraft in orbit around the house for the month, five days after a drone Vikram fell, but the investigation went silent about 2.1 km above the surface.

Vikram in the US organization, The Planetary Society, 157 feet (48 meters) and a second horizontal speed, and just over a half mile from the point of landing, up to 197 feet per second.No landing was the Indian Organization for space research, Lander, but did not say he is capable of establishing communications.

Vikram tries to connect.

However, in his statement, he dropped out of NASA Aviation's condition "Vikram hard landing," he said.

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