Trump, the world leader in the "very strong" position to raise the issue of Kashmir: PM Imran

Imran Khan, the prime minister on Friday to grasp the seriousness of the situation of human rights in Indian occupied Kashmir valley, the military said, should pressure India to lift a curfew.

conducted by an anchor-reporter Christiane Amanpour in an interview with the American network CNN, PM Imran weeks earlier this year talked about the issues discussed in the statement of the United Nations for a long time.

The enormity of the situation highlighted the situation in Kashmir, the Government of the territory of the occupying nine hundred can be gauged by the presence of Indian troops, he said.

met with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi government in power during the day, PM Imran fifty besieged Kashmiris hate the concept, but one Indian leader said.

New PM Imran in 1925, after being with the regime of Adolph Hitler and added that the structure of the scheme (RSS).

"The RSS believes in the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India. Muslims, and the ideology of racial superiority, it is considered to be a soft," is responsible for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi, PM Imran killed the leader of India's independence, said the publication.

South Asia and the United States to ease tensions, while answering a question about who will play a role, PM Donald Trump, Chairman Imran led by a powerful country in the world, and something about the issue of Kashmir in good condition, he said.

"Rayas Kashmiris are fighting for the right to self-determination and the poor by Indian forces that human rights violations should be aware, this issue became internationalized, he knows the international" no interest, it has been preserved.

Prime Minister of betraying between the two nuclear-armed countries, also urged the international community to move on this issue. "If I do not push her, and the world did not," he said.

In response to questions about the situation in Iran-US conflict near the border with Pakistan, PM Imran said. According to the Persian Gulf conflict, the increase in global oil prices and other issues may lead to a soldier, he said.

"President Trump, to be fair, all the instincts of war. And the situation is going to meet with Iranian President Rohani: let's see," he shared.

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