Without Martin Scorcese, Netflix's new movie "Irish"

Without Martin Scorcese, Netflix's new movie "Irish"

The new film The Irishman by director Martin Scorcese Friday, showing the results of the ambitious Netflix movie is not a New York film festival to be announced.

a star-studded gangster epic, had a budget of $ 160 million, added up to 3 hours of running time and 309,117 other movie locations to shoot 29 minutes of the game.

Scorcese and actor Robert De Niro, I Heard You Paint Houses 12 years ago, the Charles Brandt book movie began with plans.

"The situation has gotten in the way," Scorcese, after screening at the world premiere on Friday. "We didn't get any support, there was no way - the whole year," he added.

"I think this is wasting more time because I'm just glad we finally got to do it," De Niro said. "We have the money to get people out of luck."

real-life events, Frank Sheeran, the nickname is the basis of the book's film, a couple of studios After rejecting the design, to get the green light for the deep outside of Islamic militant Netflix.

Former henchman Sheeran (played by De Niro) boss Russell BUFALINO (Joe Pesci) and the truck driver of truck driver Jimmy Hoffa (Tango), more than 25 people were killed in the case, he said.

the film industry uses a new technology developed by Light & Magic (ever) - George Lucas, created by the effects of summer - the digital "de-age" to screen participants.

De Niro, 76, and a few decades later can play Akkistau until 1955-year-old in 1955, he was killed in 2003, at the age of 83.

Necessary for Scorcese said: "Bob and Joe and Al did not interfere with a decision to obliterate."

"Their faces and helmets as tennis groups and communicating with each other - they didn't," he said.

The CSCE is not required in accordance with the devices in which participants eventually succeeded in developing technologies.

After a few minutes, the unusual Pacino, like some of the scenes, including a few decades, with special effects, will help shed.

De Niro and his younger digital for the first time, what can we learn? "More than 30 years ago, I can extend my career," he says laughingly.

Murder and morality

By November 27, Netflix had been filming, and on November 1, with a limited number of theaters released in the United States.

The Irish Scorcese gangster movie genre with Goodfellas, Casino and Departure.

However, this film is real-life data and closely resembles the characters.

He slowed down, as an older man before, filming Sheeran one step behind for the rest of his life, showing some forgetfulness and considering the morality of each event.

Like in the movie Hoffa in a relationship with a major episode in 1975.

"It's basically a good man, a moral conflict a lot of his life, he said," Scorcese.

Director, as between the existing giant De Niro and Pacino in the light of the events, in particular, is a joke, and used more dialogue.

Scorcese, he said, "each with lead balls," President John F. Kennedy once seemed as violent and in 1960 he said he wanted to stir up a spirit.

Today, the director said, "Our people have real dark powers." he called the

"It's not possible with bullets," Scorcese himself said. "This is repeated until you have learned it, but what about the millions from each stage."

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